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Trigger Object 4x Pcs Motion Light Up Flashing Balls Ghost Paranormal Equipment

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Due to my supplier who I'm able to pass saving through is having some short-term issues, unfortunately I have had to order from an outside source that is triple what I usually pay ! So the saving I get from my original vendor that i am able to pass on to my customers will not be availble until the end of the month! In closing we will have balls in stock, but prices will be refelected on the vendor I unfortunately had to buy from until the end of the month when my other shipment arrives then prices will ho back down!!

Thank you for your understanding,

Attic Junky Paranormal

Now offering 4 packs!

Trigger object light up flashing balls ghost hunting equipment. Condition is New.

These clear plastic flashing balls light up and flash when they are touched or move. They are a great trigger object for paranormal investigators. If you ask the spirits to touch a ball and it flashed, next ask it to touch a different one you know you are talking to a spirit that is intelligent. Great for beginners and professional paranormal use. I personally have used these during investigations and have had amazing responses with them, especially if trying to communicate with the spirit of a child.

Attic Junky Paranormal Supplies. Please note that due to high volume, orders may take as long as 5 business days to ship.

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