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" The Riddle Box V.2 " Spirit Comunication Device

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The Riddle Box is back use for communication with spirits, serving as the means to answer "Yes" and "No" questions. There is no sound on this unit, so it can be used while conducting EVPs without interference. Simply insert 2 9V batteries (not included), turn on both switches, and begin asking your questions! If a spirit is around, they may light up either the Y or the N side to answer you. This newly designed unit is more compact and durable than the previous version, 2x Green LEDs lights for Y and 2x Red LEDs for N and a Single Blue LED will indicate that the device is powered on !

This item is designed and handmade by Attic Junky Paranormal, LLC. Every item is made-to-order. Please note that due to high volume, orders may take as long as 5 business days to ship.

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