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Sb7 T Rev 5

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This is the latest version of the SB7 - the SB7T Rev05! The P-SB7 is a must have item for anyone interested in the paranormal. It is the most famous tool for instant spirit communications and it has been the favorite on Paranormal TV-Shows. The P-SB7 has given ample proof that it can transmit unexplained voices. These voices, referred to as EVPs, express intelligence since they often call out things that identify something that pertains to the investigation. Also, communications coming across typically correlate to the known facts about that haunted site or spirits there.

Which improvements does the new SB7T Spirit Box Rev5 have?Built-in ATDD function (Automatic Temperature Deviation Detection). That is what the T is for in SB7T. When the ATDD is activated it will calibrate to current temp and then alert with audio and visual display when temp changes with + or - 5F. A paranormal presence often occurs in conjunction with the temperature dropping fast. That makes ATDD a very cool (no pun intended!) function. Improved amped up internal speaker. It no longer needs the external ball speaker! Both Rev 03 and Rev 04 of the SB7 had to have an external speaker attached to be audible. The SB7T has a built-in, high intensity, white mini, LED light that acts as a flashlight.Night vision friendly screen. RED light instead blue. The background light can be turned off. Improved AM Signal Boost circuit You can now hear more radio detail in the AM bandwidth.AM sweep rates are no longer faster than the FM Sweep rates. They are now both set at the 6 different preferred sweep rates to choose from: 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 milliseconds (ms)Wrist strap. The strap makes it easier and safer to carry the SB7T around

How to Use

The sweep speed has different speeds to choose from so you can experiment and choose the speed where one is personally most comfortable and successful at hearing EVPs. This can allow EVP sessions to be even clearer without the interference strong radio signals.

  • Noise Cancellation Circuit in FM band for clearer transmission
  • Amplified Sound without an external speaker
  • ATDD (Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection) w/ audible
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