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Perfected EM PUMP - EMF Pump -Quite Output, Ghost Hunting Equipment

SKU Perfected EM PUMP V-03, - EMF Pump -Quite Output, Ghost Hunting Equipment
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Newly Perfected Version 3 High Out Put EM-PUMP Ghost Paranormal Investigations !!

**This Version # 3 Model blows away any of my previous models and is so quite, it sounds like its not even on !!!

This New and Improved Super EM Pump is Ideal for Outdoor / Indoor Investigations (Stairs, Hallways, Rooms, Fields, Cemeteries, etc.) It has a powerful source that puts out a High EMF. This piece of Equipment is hand made. This Newly perfected Version 3 is very quite, perfect for Time Lapse Video Camera Placements and Motion Sensor Cameras! Just place and walk away!! You can use anywhere, this unit is silent enough for Capturing EVP's !! The unit is lightweight and portable and takes 2 x AA Battery for hours of use !!

Are "Fuel" for spirits to communicate or manifest themselves. EM Pumps are a safer way to provide the energy they need. It creates a low level magnetic field in varying pulses and frequencies

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