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New Scare Bear™️ Dual Rem Pod With Music Mode

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This New Scare Bear is TM and the only one of its kind In its price range, All Scare Bears are built to order! This Bear has 2 Functions Traditional Rem and a Musical RemPod Mode. Easily switched by a press of a button ! Runs on 1x 9V. See FB Video for Demo- https://fb.watch/v/13dnaY2n1/

NOTE** The Scare Bear ™️ is a Rem Pod/ Trigger Object and is designed by Atticjunkyparanormal.com. Our intention with this unique Bear is to make him debunk proof and to rule out false positives! The unit works just like a Mel-Meter with the RemPod Function, if you have ever used that unit, the RemPod portion of the Mel-Meter is the same way for it to go off manually it need to be grasped by the antenna. Now with that said our Bear is a little more sensitive, but will help you collect more solid evidence!

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