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Mel-Meter 8704-R

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The Mel Meter features both exact digital EMF Meter read-outs and Digital Temperature readings. It is calibrated to measure Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) accurately in the range from the very low frequency of 30Hz all the way up to 300Hz. It has a burst mode function where one can focus all its power on EMF readings only instead of both EMF and Temp. By using the burst mode it measures EMFs as rapidly as a K2 EMF meter and thereby becomes even more responsive and useful for paranormal research. The Mel Meter has a built in digital Ambient Temperature meter. You can measure in either F or C and you switch between them by the push of a button. Both EMFs and Temp readings can be set to record


  • EMF and Temp all in one!
  • Digital EMF Readout
  • Digital Ambient Temperature Readout
  • Red backlight easy on the eyes for dark environments
  • Red LED flashlight can be toggled on or off
  • Max/Min/Hold Settings
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