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Geophone Vibration Alarm

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This unit is the same size and box as the AJP EM pump, but this unit offers a new way to alert you if spirits manifest themselves, by alerting you to vibrations felt near the unit. The Geophone Alarm is a lightweight unit, it takes 2 AA batteries (not included) and has an on/off switch on the battery case. Place the device in a desired area and turn the switch on. The Blue LED Light will show that the power is on, and you will hear the alarm beep for 3 seconds. After the third beep the device is armed and ready. If enough vibration is picked up by the sensor you will hear the alarm go off. It is loud enough for you to hear from another area while investigating. After 30 seconds or so the alarm will shut off and automatically reset itself. This Geophone is perfect for beginners or professionals, and is a cheaper alternative to popular Geophones.

This device is designed and handmade by Attic Junky Paranormal, LLC. Every item is made-to-order. Please note that due to high volume, orders may take as long as 5 business days to ship.

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