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Attic Junky Paranormal             & Our Story

 Joshua Joiner, Owner and CEO Of Attic Junky Paranormal, has always been fascinated by the paranormal, wondering how to answer one of life’s biggest questions: “What lies beyond?”. Our mission is to bring to the market the most affordable paranormal investigation equipment online to help the paranormal community.

Joshua spent fifteen years as an executive chef, but his life changed forever on Friday, December 13, 2019. He was in a life-altering car accident and sustained severe injuries to his back. He returned to work several months later, only to have a work-related accident which made it impossible for him to return to the kitchen. This is when he had to rethink his future, thus, Attic Junky Paranormal was born.

Our mission is to innovate and create the tools needed to detect and interact with spirits and provide a simpler means of proof and scientific research. Our founder has dreamed up and built exciting new things that have never been seen before! Scare Bear is one piece of equipment paving the way for a renovation of investigative equipment, by producing simple, easy designs that will have a huge impact on the way our community looks at other equipment on the market.
These products will help the paranormal community have more accessible tools for investigation and scientific research. At Attic Junky Paranormal, we believe EVERYONE should have access to investigation tools.

We are excited to be able to provide equipment to Kesha for her new show Conjuring Kesha, now streaming on Discovery+!

In this short video, you can see our owner & the amazing results using Scare Bear, Spirit Pod and the Mel-Meter all going off at the same time!

Our company is a proud sponsor of Our Haunted Lives, now streaming on ParaFLIXX. Make sure you stay in the loop by following us and OHL on Facebook.

Save up to 40% on all inventory, including Scare Bear (TM), featuring music mode and classic REM mode, and the ALL-NEW K2 Bear! This new Scare Bear (TM) is hand crafted to function as an EMF detector. Other new products include: The Rainbow Rope, "The Powerhouse" dual EM-pump, The Riddle Box V2, and our best ever REM-Pod!

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